getting a project started

Proper planning is essential to start a project and you need to get a handle on costs.

You may not know how to achieve what you want. 

And you may not know how much it will cost. 

You may have a piece of land to the side or rear of your
house that you want to use.

I offer a Design Consultation and Feasibility Report, which will enable you to make informed decisions about maximising the potential of your home to suit your needs now and into the future, within your budget.

I meet with you and visit the property with you for an initial visit, have a detailed conversation about what you would like to achieve, the options available, the planning process and regulations, and the budget available. I will offer you initial design ideas for your project.

I then prepare and send you a Report, which establishes a scope of works and realistic budget, and outlines several design ideas and options for your project, based on what you would like to achieve.

My advice and experience through all stages of a construction project will add value to, improve and/ or increase what you can achieve with your home. It may add financial value to your investment, and it will ensure your money is carefully allocated.  It will add physical and emotional value, as the way we design our spaces has a monumental impact on the quality of our
daily lives.

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