working from home

In designing for clients, I try to include a space for home working; a workstation for the family admin, kids doing homework, or a place for the family printer and stationery. Built in furniture and storage maximises the available space and is considered from the very start of the design process. Storage near to work stations is also important. This photograph shows a wall to wall oak desk, with built in drawers underneath for storage. Up to two work stations can be set up here as and when needed. Wall to wall  shelves above are ‘floating’,  meaning they have invisible supports. They use the full height available up to the ceiling, and can be used to store books and cds and to display photographs.  Read the full article in the Irish Times   here 

RIAI Simon Open Door

I am delighted to be taking part in the RIAI Simon Open Door this year. Anyone can sign up to RIAI Simon Open Door and in return for a €95 donation to the Simon Community, you will receive a consultation with an RIAI Registered Architect. This year the consultations are taking place online- via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.  You can book your consultation now on the Simon Open Door website Here

ideas for small spaces

Living in small spaces requires really precise design solutions. Custom made storage can be designed around the dimensions of household appliances in order to maximise the use of space. Innovative staircase designs may be required where there is restricted space. Energy efficiency is of high importance on most clients’ wish lists- and there are innovative, super thin insulation solutions which can be specified where space is at a premium.

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